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Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

PRP ImageWhen treating painful foot and ankle conditions, steroid injections have been a staple for immediate relief.

However, steroid injections can only be given in a certain area a few times, otherwise further damage could occur including tissue atrophy and possible tendon rupture.

Plus, some patients are allergic to certain steroid injection components and cannot receive this type of direct anti-inflammatory.

We now have an alternative to steroid injections. And it all comes from you.

What are Platelet Rich Plasma Injections?

We are now able to perform platelet rich plasma injections, also known as PRP, right in the office.

Platelets contain healing growth factors, and this concentration of platelets used for an injection, can contain FIVE TIMES or more the usual amount of growth factors.

How do they work?

Platelets can decrease inflammation and pain, improve tissue healing (tendons, plantar fascia, ligaments), and increase angiogenesis (formation of new blood supply).

PRP can speed up healing of soft tissues and can have more of a long-term healing effect compared to steroid injections, which do not contribute to tissue healing outside of the anti-inflammatory effect.

What conditions can benefit from PRP?

PRP has been used for over 20 years for musculoskeletal conditions. It is now more widely used in sports medicine and in athletes to speed up healing and return the athlete to activity more quickly.  PRP can be used for acute and chronic conditions including peroneal tendonitis, posterior tibial tendonitisplantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, ankle ligament sprains, and osteoarthritis

PRP if not recommended for patients who:

  • have metastatic disease
  • have a tumor
  • have an active infection
  • have a low platelet count
  • are pregnant or breastfeeding

What happens during the procedure?

The process involves drawing the patient’s blood in the office, placing the blood in a centrifuge and then drawing off the platelet concentration.  The platelet concentration is then injected in and around the affected area with ultrasound guidance.  We typically have patients do immobilization with boot and/or crutches for two weeks until re-evaluation.

Most patients will have increased pain initially, but this typically resolves in a few hours to a few days after the injection.  Use of ice and Tylenol after injection can be used as needed for pain as you are not recommended to use NSAIDs, as with this injection we are relying on your body’s natural inflammatory response to help heal the tissues.

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Absolutely amazing staff! Smiling faces, compassion and understanding! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Amanda Rugg

I was frankly shocked at how good they were at EVERYthing. They saw me less than 2 hours after I called. Dr. Barko was ebullient and professional. You can ask them questions via TXT, which is huge. Their offices are spic-n-span and modern. Basically, they're knocking it out of the park. I don't wish for more in-grown toenails, but if it happens, I'm going straight back to Lexington Podiatry.

Mick Jeffries

I love Lexington Podiatry! The staff is always so helpful, and attentive. I love Dr. Freels. She is top notch, and is always so happy to see me, and listens to me about what is going on.

Amie Castle

Dr. Carter diagnosed and created a treatment plan in minutes- other podiatrists have treated me incorrectly for years. So pleased to have answers and solutions.

Katy Perkins

My left foot had been hurting for a while. The staff and doctors here are all quite knowledgeable and professional, as well as friendly and personable. My diagnosis was promptly made, x-ray completed right there in the office, and I left with the two braces that I needed. No waiting for the mail, trip to brace shop, nada. Most excellent clinic!

Susan Bell

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