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Beautiful Nails

So many of our patients come to us embarrassed to wear sandals because they’re afraid someone may think poorly of them when they see the condition of their toenails.

We know exactly how how you feel because we treat patients that say the same thing every day. We are proud to be among the first podiatrists in Kentucky to use laser therapy for treating yellow, crumbly, thick and unattractive nails.

How Does It Work?

Our HyperBlue Laser is FDA cleared for the treatment of Onychomycosis (toenail fungus), as well as for other causes of dystrophic toenails such as trauma or auto-immune disorders. The laser treatment is:

  • painless,
  • has no harmful side effects and
  • can be performed quickly.

Laser therapy is not for everyone, so it’s important to be evaluated by a podiatric physician to evaluate the level of damage to the nail and determine if you are a candidate.

Remember, that the earlier you detect and treat fungus, the better your chances are of once again achieving beautiful sandal-worthy toenails.

Will this help MY toenails?

Toenail fungus is notoriously tough to treat. Laser therapy, when included in a comprehensive treatment plan suited to your individual case, is highly effective.

If you have this problem, I most definitely recommend that you come in and get the laser treatments and let Lexington Podiatry get you back on your feet and back in your open-toed shoes and your flip flops…if Dr. Freels will allow you to wear them!

Conchita Everman, patient
Watch Conchita describe her experience and see her laser therapy results!

Podiatrists specialize in the treatment of all things feet and have the most advanced technology available for your fungal toenails.

How much does this cost?

The prices below include laser therapy treatments on the affected toes once every 30 days, for 3 months in a row. 

  • 1-2 Nails $350  (Total cost of three laser therapy treatments)
  • 3-4 Nails $490  (Total cost of three laser therapy treatments)
  • 5-6 Nails $600  (Total cost of three laser therapy treatments)
  • 7-8 Nails $700  (Total cost of three laser therapy treatments)
  • 9-10 Nails $800  (Total cost of three laser therapy treatments)
Can we bill insurance?

Although insurance does not currently cover laser therapy, Care Credit, Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts will cover the procedure.

Maintenance Option

Not all nail fungus responds to laser treatment the same, therefore Lexington Podiatry gives no guarantee of outcome. Some patients choose the maintenance option at their 6 month assessment to maintain clearing of nails or to continue treatment on an advanced case. *Retreat all 10 toes for $110 total every 6 months.

Remember, when you see a Groupon or flash sale for laser services for toenails to call and ask questions. Often, these ‘sale’ prices are not the great deal you think you’re getting. Many times, the sale price is for one visit only. Or, the facility performing the procedure is ‘re-purposing’ a laser (that is used for hair removal, etc) that is not specific or strong enough to penetrate through the nail and into the nail bed.

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Staff was extremely friendly and professional. They took us back immediately and no waiting for doctor to come in. Dr Settles-Carter was amazing with my little girl. She took her time and explained every detail to my daughter. As we were leaving my little girl said Dr Settles-Carter was the best doctor ever. Coming from a 10yr old.

Bert King

It took some work, and patience, but my feet are much better now. Dr. Freels worked with me to find exercises, and more importantly, the right shoe to wear. So nice not to dread going into work, for the pain of simply walking. Despite what another review here says, they've never tried to sell me any shoes there, have always left the choice up to me.

Robert Griffith

The staff was very courteous. However, the care provided by Dr. Carter and the staff in the back was exceptional! I finally had answers for my health concerns and issues and a course or plan of treatment including the costs of the services they provide. I especially liked the hours of operation...I can see a doctor for the treatment I need without having to use my personal and sick days! Love the flexibility. Lastly, the ambiance esthetics were relaxing and beautiful.

Bonnie Ogle Taylor

The entire staff at Lexington Podiatry was very welcoming and friendly. Jill went out of her way to make sure my daughter was taken care of. We appreciate being seen so quickly (it would have taken weeks to have seen an orthopedist for her foot injury). Now, she is on the road to recovery! Great office, thanks everyone!

Team Wade 24

Had a great experience! Everyone was very nice, it was clean, the doctor took time to listen to me. She showed me my x-rays and explained them to me. I would recommend them to family and friends.

Heather Purvis

Accepted Insurance Providers

There may be providers, plans and coverage not included on this list. We will help you with navigating the options for coverage and costs. We also accept HSA, Flex accounts, Care Credit and prompt pay pricing for treatment at the clinic and surgical procedures. We do not accept Medicaid or CareSource plans at this time. Visit our New Patient page for more details.